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Handmade Leather Handbag Luxury 

Handmade Electric Blue Suede Handbag comes with matching earrings! 14K Gold hardware and accents, so they always look fabulous! 


Forest Green Suede Clutch

Sold ! 

Red Suede Handbag with matching earrings!


Moose Hide Handbag with matching earrings


Lamb Skin Clutch and Earrings

Sold ! 

Lamb Leather Handbags & Matching earring w/sterling silver hardware!

Choose from: 





Textured Leather Wallets

 (4x6 inches) 

Choose from: 





Purple Lamb Leather Handbag and fur heart accent! 


Textured Yellow Leather Handbag 


Hot Pink Leather Handbag 


Red Leather Handbag 


Silver Leather Handbag 


Firebrick Lamb Leather Handbag 

& Card Holder!


Canary Yellow Leather Handbag 

& Card Holder!


White Lamb Leather 

iPhone 6 and below cases 


Handmade Drift Wood Magic Wands for Rituals and Play

Magic Wands with Corino Quartz Crystal Tips, Wrapped in Deer Skin (white) & Lamb Leather (pink and lime)  


Magic Wands wrapped in Purple Lamb Leather with shell accent, & Aragonite Crystal Tip!  


Handmade Leather Accessories 

Deer Skin Earrings 

in Sterling Silver Hardware


Deer Skin Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain 


Deer Skin Earrings

White Deer Skin & 14K Gold Filled Half Moon


Deer Skin Leaf Shape & Brass accent


White Deer Skin & 14K Gold Filled Disc


Deer Skin Triangle on 14K Gold Filled Bar


14K Gold Filled Bar Earrings & hardware

Pentagon shape


Triangle shape


14K Gold filled Half Moon Earrings

With Leather
Choose from:

Pink, Black, White, Olive, 


Sail Boats in Copper Half Moon Earrings & Leather
Choose from:

Tan, Brown, or Metallic 


Leaf shape Earrings w/14K Gold Hardware & Brass Accent

Choose from:

tan - deer skin

brown - brown suede

white - deer skin

tan - deer skin 



Copper Discs & Leather Earrings

14K Gold hardware

Choose from:

white - deer skin, painted design

brown - suede

tan - suede 

white - deer skin 


Fan Leather Earrings

Deer Skin 14K Gold filled disc and hardware

Choose from: Pink, White

Red, or Yellow Leather


Leather Heart Pins 

(for hats or lapels)

Hot Pink (SOLD)

Red Heart & fur

Brown Heart 

Red Heart Pink Back

Red Heart wrapped


Lamb Leather Earrings w/ Italian Shimmering Leather Accent & Sterling Silver Hooks!

Lime Lamb Leather 

Pink Lamb Leather

Gray Lamb Leather

White deer skin

Turquoise Lamb Leather


Leather Hearts Engraved on Sterling Silver Necklaces (18 inches link)

Choose Engraving: 

Love you

Love Bird

Te Amo


Red Leather Holiday Earrings

14K Gold filled hardware

30% of your purchase goes to 

Meal on Wheels charity! 


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