Singer / Synth Keys /Guitars

My solo project with experimental music pieces, & guitar, keyboards, & gentle lullaby vocal melodies.
Lately, expanded out to electronic dance with:

New Synth-Pop Dance single "My Hero"
Released: June 8, 2021

Tarabud_MyHero_Single_album art.jpg

Previous Releases...

Tarabud Paris Prairie album art.jpeg

Worldwide Collaborations 

Star Madman (USA) & Tarabud
Missing Person

September 2, 2022 
by Headphone Records label



D.J. SkyJump (Italy) & Tarabud
The Land of Jewels Single


D.J. Skyjump & Tarabud - Land of Jewels.jpg

Blue Nagoon (USA) & Tarabud
Life Goals Remix

Life Goals Remix_Blue Nagoon.jpg

Wilson Serrano (Denmark) & Tarabud
Breathless Single
& Extended Mix! 
Released August 6, 2022
Incoming Sound
a sub-label of Fresh Breath Records



Screamershock, UK
Dark Electronic Dance Music
Calling Beyond the Veil 
Tarabud ~ Lyrics and vocals 

Released by Pink Dolphin Records

cover image (final).jpg

Screamershock, UK
Electronic Dance Music
Rollercoaster single 
Tarabud ~ main vocalist
featuring The Fused Locomotion Mix 
released by Pink Dolphin Music Label, UK​ : 

Released March 27, 2020 

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 4.34.47 PM.png

Cobbler, UK 
Downtempo Electronic 
New E.P. "Note to Self"
Tarabud poetry/singing featured in Come Closer to the Ice House
released May 21, 2021 

Cobbler_Notes to Self_Album Cover.jpeg

Leisure Twins, USA
Contemporary Pop

"Promises" Single 
Tarabud: back-up vocals

Released: 4.2022



Make It Better Single 
Tarabud: back-up vocals
Released: 2.14.2022



Let Love Try Again Single 
Tarabud: back-up vocals
Released: July 14, 2021


Leisure Twins Let Love Try Again 1400.jpg

Don't Wanna Wait Single 
Tarabud back-up vocals  
Released: August 6, 2021


WrekIt88, UK
Electronic Dance Music
Smile Single & Remixes
Featuring Tarabud vocals
Released by Pink Dolphin Music Label, UK​

released 2018

Wrekit88_Smile album cover.jpeg

Buona Sueño
Hawaiian Island dream-rock with soothing vocals by Tarabud, combined with Gatherman's jangly guitar soundscapes. Inspired by Cocteau Twins, Roxy Music, and Innocence Mission, & Sade.  
Tarabud ~ Lyrics and Vocalist


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Rose Fingered Dawn, EP

released 1.22.2021

Digital Album photography by

Laura Ho


What the Sea God Said, EP

Released 4.22.20

album cover features art by

Mieko Hara

Buona_Suneo_EP2_album cover.jpg

Debut E.P.
Tears for Lehua

released 9.3.2019

BuonaSueno Album Art_Tears for Lehua.png

Havana Shade Remixes 

by  Pink Dolphin Music Label, UK​

 Stunning Remixes by UK producers:




Released Nov 8th, 2019


Sentinel Dream
California Dream-Pop 
Tarabud ~Lyricist, Vocalist, & Bassist

Silver Bells 



Life Goals Single

released: 8/11/2020 

album art by artist Laura Ho


Live Performance History 

Que Sera, Sera, Long Beach, CA 1999

Tracy’s Sports Bar, Bellflower, CA 1999

Blake’s Bar, Berkeley, CA 2006

Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA 2006

Laney College, Oakland, CA 2007

Beckett’s Irish Pub, Berkeley, CA 2007

Bay Street, Emeryville, CA, 2007 

Pier 39, San Francisco, CA 2007

Peralta Television, Oakland, CA 2007 

Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA 2007

Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA 2008 

19 Broadway Nightclub, San Rafael, CA 2008

Studio Z, San Francisco, CA 2009

Peralta TV, Oakland, CA 2008

Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA 2009

The Uptown, Oakland, CA 2009 

Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA 2009

Rolo, San Francisco, CA 2009 

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Vallejo, CA 2010

Uptown, Oakland, CA 2010

Bay Street, Emeryville, CA 2010

Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA 2010

BevMo Holiday Beer Fest, San Francisco, CA 2010

Uptown, Oakland, CA 2010

The Milk Bar, San Francisco, CA 2011

The Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA 2011

Stanford Radio KZSU, Stanford, CA 2011

UC Berkeley Radio KALX, Berkeley, CA 2011

Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA 2011

Red House, Walnut Creek, CA 2013

Stork Club, Oakland, CA 2013

Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA 2013

Cafe DuNord, San Francisco,CA 2013

Tupelo, San Francisco, CA 2013

Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA 2013

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 2014

Eat Real Fest, Oakland, CA 2015

UC Berkeley Radio KALX, Berkeley, CA 2015

Stork Club, Oakland, CA 2015

 Art Festival on Bainbridge Island, WA 2018

Points of Light
Album 2014 

For Days Deep 
Album 2010

Somewhere Else
Extended Dance Remix
Single 2013


Dark End 
Single 2011


Kites Without Strings 
Album 2008

Sequels & Hunches EP 

Music Videos

Blackwell Sugar, USA 

country-rock music

"Graduation" Single 

Tarabud backup Vocalist 

Released: June 2020


Alpha Six Romeo, USA 
Indie New Wave Rock
Tarabud on Synth Keys 

Cut of Her Jib 
Released: May, 2019 

Flint Loves Silver 
Released: June, 2016


Alpha Six Romeo Video 
 live at Bottom of the Hill, in
San Francisco, CA 2017