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Shrimp Scampi and Pesto Sauce Pasta

Here is the picture of a delicious shrimp scampi over basil pesto pasta I cooked. The other picture is also a delight, of Robert De Niro (not shown here) is of him enjoying something from Catherine Scorcesse's kitchen. It's a timeless moment in life watching someone savoring something she slaved over in the kitchen. Life is beautiful and food should be this savored, making our lives that much better!

The latter thought brings me to my philosophy on food. Yes, the planet's ecosystems are in a precarious state, and we must do better stewardship of our planet, but we must also be cognizant to bring joy to our lives. The joy of cooking and eating at home, especially with others is so very important to keep us thriving and sane. We cannot go out into the world and solve ecologically urgent problems without a belly full of happiness/sustenance. It's important, and we so often forget to fill ourselves up with a well-thought-out home-cooked meal. In that sense, we can thank the pandemic for slowing us way down and forcing us to cook at home. Maybe the only good thing that came out of the pandemic? Am I right?!

For the above reasons and more, I started this blog. I thank the blogger of Nosh with Julie Chef for reminding me why I started this blog in the first place! (Her interview coming soon.) We must celebrate every day with friends or family over the foods we cook at home. We have to give thanks, making each meal a special ritual for being on this planet with so much abundance. I know the pandemic has put quite a damper on celebrating and enjoying our meals, but once we are all mostly vaccinated, we will return to living and thriving!

Now for these easy recipes! Find the Recipe on my blog website:

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