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New Years Brunch Idea...

Happy New Year 2024! 

Dragon year is starting on Feb 10 and should bring lots of good luck and success in all your endeavors.

Be gentle on yourself to fulfill all your New Year resolutions in the first month. Take it nice and easy. Persistence is key to reaching any goal. 

This includes making special meals for your family. 

This little brunch idea started out with leftover sushi rice and turned out quite festive in the end.

The Christmas dishes help of course to make it picture perfect. 

Using an iron skillet (because it gives the food the best flavor) I sauteed some asparagus in chicken broth and then tossed them in pesto sauce from the previous night. I warmed a previously boiled potato in the iron skillet on the side as well.

I plated these on warmed plates. 

Then I fried an egg for myself and two for the hubby. 

Adding some raspberries really gave this plate extra cheer! 

I was drinking chai tea, but coffee or a cocktail would have also paired well. 

Wishing you much wellness, creativity, and happy meal-making in 2024!



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