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La Cruz De Comal Winery, Texas Discovery

Cruising through the Texas Hill Country on Father’s Day with my in-laws, we discovered a gem of a winery! Organic winemaking is not all that common yet in Texas but at La Cruz De Comal Winery in New Braunfels, Texas, proprietor Lewis Dickson is pioneering the making of wine, the old-world Italian way. Lewis’ organically produced wines and tasting room are nothing short of fantastic.

His unique and upscaled rustic tasting room was built from materials on his estate. He was inspired by French wineries, and the atmosphere inside the air-conditioned building is nothing less than transportive. According to Lewis, who greets you at the door with a plethora of information on winemaking, he had been fascinated with making wine since a very young age and was most enamored with the traditional ways of making wine in small batches with no additives, and aging the wine in oak barrels. His wines are made in small batches without sulfites or extra processing which is something Lewis is very proud of. The organic wine he is making because of his wine principles is showing some delicious results for us wine drinkers. The red wines we tasted were clean, crisp, peppery, and one blended batch was exceptional. One of his wines shone the brightest and is the reason why I am featuring it on my blog.

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