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Italian Orange Cake

Hello foodies and Italian lovers!

Perhaps a few of you know of my love for Italy. The country is so rich with history, culture, incredible architecture, that romantic language, and of course the food! Having found out about my 12% Italian ancestry, I'm even more proud to speak of my amore for the dolci vita!

I recently learned that this Italian orange cake is often eaten in Sicily for breakfast. Isn't that decadent?! Here is my version of this cake without gluten. You can replace gluten-free flour with one cup of regular baking flour. Also, I mention the grapeseed oil in this recipe, but you can certainly use butter and it will turn out just as great. I think the main secret for this cake is plenty of orange zest. If you think you have done enough, do more! I went very gentle on the sugar, but if you want an extra sweet cake, add a full cup of sugar.

Full recipe on my food blog:

See you there!

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