Spring has Sprung
Spring has Sprung

Dream Again
Dream Again


Be Lazy
Be Lazy

Spring has Sprung
Spring has Sprung


Meditation Toward Wholeness

This is a guided meditation toward wholeness for these trying times of feeling fragmented and overwhelmed by disturbing emotion and stress. Outro music "Feather" by Slovaki Audio. I create these mediations from my past psychology practice of working with individuals. Please contact me with any questions, as I have many years of experience as a Mental Health professional in California.  

(7.22 minutes)

Releasing Fear & Anxiety Meditation 

This guided meditation is to help your mind and body release fear, anxiety, and worry. This meditation is not intended to replace any medication but to support your recovery in trying times. Original music "Adieu" by Slovaki Audio.

(7.5 minutes)

Mindfulness Meditation 

This is a guided Mindfulness Meditation, with music track "Adieu," by Slovaki Audio.

(4 minutes)

Wellness Meditation 

This guided wellness meditation is for bringing more awareness to your body at the cellular level, and inviting more activity, eating healthy, and self-love for optimal health!

 Music by Dennis Bestafka

(9:30 minutes)

Embracing Success & Releasing Fear

Guided Visualization

with original music by Dennis Bestafka

(9:20 minutes)

Sleep Meditation

with ambient music by Guest Nebula

(25 minutes)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


free & confidential